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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Pet peeve of the day

People who take the elevator up or down one storey. Um, hello? Are you that lazy that you won't take the stairs? It takes less time to just walk that flight than it does to wait for elevator, especially in this building. Plus, climbing stairs is good for your ass. Do you think I got this ass by taking the elevator? HELL no. And I bet that you're all, "Oooh, we should go to the gym later and work out on the Stairmaster. [Gigglegiggle]" News flash, princess--if you took the stairs you wouldn't NEED to go to the sweaty dirty gym, AND you wouldn't piss off people like me! Sounds like reason enough to me.


  • Whenever I see my forestry economics prof in the elevator (yes, when I'm tired in the morning I sometimes take the elevator to the fourth floor) he says that we're gaining energy because the elevator is expending the energy to take us upstairs and once we're up there, we'll have more energy because we're uphill, going down, so to speak. I think it's really funny.

    He's pretty much the coolest person ever. Today he talked to the FGSA all students meeting about changing the economic paradigm to include externalities, in which case, increasing the welfare of others is the best way to increase your own and society's welfare (currently, the thinking goes that if you maximize your welfare, society's welfare goes up, because economics doesn't recognize that what one person has, another doesn't). So, if everyone is trying to maximize other people's welfare, they're trying not to have a negative impact on other people's welfare, which means that everyone is trying not have a negative impact on your welfare...your welfare is higher. Pretty cool. He also treats the entire faculty to a huge Indian dinner once a year to give everyone an opportunity to learn from eachother in a casual setting. And because he thinks rich people are those that give money to others, whatever their income.

    By Anonymous Lorien, at 2:20 AM  

  • Sometimes your tired or sick or lazy and one flight of stairs seems too much. And, no I don't so the sweaty gyms... gross. I just go the the gym with Stripper Steve.

    By Blogger Aundra, at 1:57 PM  

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