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Friday, October 27, 2006

The blind leading the blind

The full-time staff at my workplace (and by full-time I mean responsible enough to not go out drinking/hooking up last night) are away on a retreat all day. I'm manning the desk until 1, at which point M___* shows up to relieve me. Having just seen M___, who looks like something the cat that swallowed the canary just dragged in, and being me, who, while I might look a little less rough around the edges, still feels the way he looks, I can safely say two things:
1. No work will be done around here today, and
2. If anything goes wrong--anything, even if a computer so much as freezes--this entire place is fucked.

*For anyone who even remotely knows who I work with, it is not the least bit difficult to determine who this is.


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