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Friday, August 11, 2006

Things I love

1. I am seriously having an awesome hair day. Apparently, no humidity combined with actually washing my hair (but still not blow-drying it cause I am lazy) equals great hair.

2. Naps. 2 hour naps plus 7 hours of sleep at night equals I can function like a normal human being.

3. Takeout Chinese food. Sesame chicken and spring rolls. I heart you to pieces.

4. My new mature mindset. Since yesterday evening when I decided that the only solution to my Pistachio Aran woes was to frog one side and reknit it so that it matches the other, I have felt much more mature, because instead of just bitching about something, I am actually fixing a problem.

5. Seamless raglan sweaters. Which is what my cotton sweater will become once I've ripped out what I've done so far.

6. Weekends.

7. The t-shirt I'm wearing today. It's pink, has a skull and two guitars crossed behind it, and on the bottom it says, "Chase the dream, live for rock!" And I totally didn't get it at American Eagle; it's from a thrift store in New Orleans.

8. David Attenborough's Life in the Undergrowth series. I watched the episode on spiders last night. So. Freakin. Cool.

9. My friend Aundra. For our impending 5:00 conversation.

10. Coffee. Which I am now going to get.


  • First of all the conversation wasn't set until 5:30 and only after I hung up did a realize that I was to be on my horse around that time jumping over what appeared to be a SMALL looking 4 foot 6 (I bet it was only 4'3"). But I did call and I did love our converstation... there are times when we have the most pointless yet wonderful conversations. Isn't that what friends are for! Oh and I love the counter act of the I hates with the I love... also VERy mature of you

    By Blogger Aundra, at 9:20 PM  

  • Ok... where do you get good chinese food in this town? I've come up empty with the few selections I've made and I've been very hesitant to try others.

    By Blogger jacquieblackman, at 8:34 AM  

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