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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Take 2

This afternoon I washed, rinsed, and hung to dry the three rovings I over-dyed this weekend.

For these, I was pretty careful about how wet the wool was when I started painting, how much dye I used, and how much citric acid I sprayed on the rovings in the end. I also allowed them to cool overnight, still wrapped in balls, rather than laying them out flat. The colors are much truer than the original rovings; there was a bit of fading but nothing to be concerned about. We'll see what they look like spun up though.

Even though I'm not overly ecstatic with the results, I feel like I've learned quite a bit from both batches of rovings that I've painted. I'm naturally drawn to color--the more color the better. However, from what I've seen of painting wool and yarn, it's better to stick with a limited palette of few hues, with varying shades within those colors. The end result seems to be more complex and calmer, too, instead of chaotic and a bit muddy. Maybe with practice I'll be able to use more colors with better results, but for now I think I'm going to try variation within three or so hues. Next time, next time.


used to be this:

(This one's just a gratuitous shot of the same skein)

The yarn spun up sooo nicely... gotta love merino! I tried to spin a decent-sized single, as I knew that I wouldn't be getting enough out of the roving if I plied the yarn. It was so fun to spin something that I'd dyed. I was so focused on watching the colors change and work together. I like this yarn a lot more than I thought I would, which is the fascinating thing about spinning--you never know what the yarn is going to look like just from the unspun fiber itself.


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