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Sunday, August 13, 2006

Does it creep anyone else out that Frances Bean Cobain is almost 14 years old?

She's older now than I was when her dad killed himself--and she wasn't even two at the time. I remember when Kurt Cobain died I wondered what would become of his daughter. There are very few celebrity children that I actually give a shit about but Frances Bean Cobain is one of them. I LOVED Nirvana in a way that I haven't loved a band before or since. I lived and breathed their music, although I was just starting to listen to them when he died. Grunge had such a huge influence on my life as a teenager and I could relate to it more than any of the other musical trends of the time (gangsta rap, anyone?). Kurt was pretty fucked up though, and Courtney Love is...interesting...and I sort of thought FB would maybe inherit some of that self-destructiveness.

However, I hoped that FB would somehow emerge from the drama of her early life relatively unscathed, and it appears that she has. I was reading a couple of interview with her, and she seems to be a pretty well-adjusted 13-year-old. Which is good. Maybe Courtney Love's crazy sheltering of her daughter has actually paid off.

Still, it's crazy to see pictures of Frances Bean. (Frances? Bean? Not sure what to call her.) She is the spitting image of her father.


  • Wow..thanks for posting this!!! I was a huge Nirvana fan back in the day. They're still great, don't get me wrong, but I've lost my middle-school-aged enthusiasm. :)
    I had always wondered what happened to Frances Bean. You're right - it does seem like she turned out pretty well adjusted. And with Courtney Love as your mother, I don't know how that's even remotely possible...maybe she decided she had to be normal to rebel against her mother.

    By Blogger Kristen, at 12:11 AM  

  • I think she had some good nannys and teachers. (How's that for self promotion!)

    By Blogger Aundra, at 1:08 PM  

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