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Monday, August 21, 2006


People amaze me sometimes.

Wow. That might be the first time I’ve said or written that sentence and not meant it in a negative way. Normally I say that before launching into a rant about how someone or other has managed to step on my proverbial toes, but not this time.

I wear my love for knitting on my sleeve; that’s no secret, right? I guess it never occurred to me that some people might be a little bit more private about their craft.

One of my co-workers, a fellow student named Lisa, is one of those people.

I always knew that Lisa was creative and had artistic sensibilities—you can tell just by looking at her, and certainly after talking to her, like, once. She dresses well, and her clothes are classic, which some people might read as boring, but because she is tall and thin her clothes always look great on her. (Sometimes I hate her for it, but don’t tell her that.) She’s a vegetarian, her boyfriend is El Senor Rock Star, and she’s quietly subversive. Those things are all pretty obvious, and she shares them with glee.

So, I kind of thought it was strange that Lisa was creative and artsy, yet didn’t really seem to have an artistic or crafty passion. I was SO wrong: apparently, Lisa is a bead slut of epic proportions.

She makes jewellery, and I’m not talking about hemp and fimo or long strands of seed beads (although those are fine, too). I’m talking gorgeous three-strand necklaces hand-crafted from semi-precious stones, interspersed with delicate sterling silver beads; bracelets composed of turquoise or labradorite or malachite, with hand-twisted silver wire attachments. She brought in a few of her pieces this morning, and I about died. The talent that girl has is incredible.

She clearly has an eye for color, and I love that she doesn’t cheap out—she uses expensive, stunning stones and glass beads without worrying about the cost. She doesn’t sell her items (although she could, and should, and I’m working on it!). She keeps them for herself or gives them away to friends, and I think that that’s the mark of a true craftswoman. Lisa’s not in it for the money or the admiration of her less-talented peers; she makes jewellery because she loves it and because she appreciates fine things and the work that goes into making them.

As I said, people amaze me sometimes.


  • she won me over the day she wore her sparkly skull and crossbones pin--is it pretty? is it crude? is it pirate-ish? i don't know!

    for the first time, i wanted a skull of my own.

    By Blogger al, at 6:55 PM  

  • DUDE - this is FIS's best kept secret. She could make a killing! Tell her i love them, especially that last pic of the 3 stranded one.
    uber cool - goes w. the funky librarian theme.

    By Blogger akd, at 7:43 PM  

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