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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Finally something to show for myself

I wet-blocked the Hot Lava cardigan, my first wet blocking experience. I've used steam in the past but wanted to try something new. Of course, the days I chose to do this were the soggiest days we've had in a while. Because my apartment isn't air conditioned, this summer I've been leaving my windows open and using a fan, but with the rain this week EVERYTHING felt damp--my sheets, my towels, my clothes. I laid the cardigan out on a towel and pinned it in place. Eventually, after a full day of waiting for it to dry, I trained my fan on the cardigan while I was away at work.

After three days, here's the result:

It's such a silly-looking thing when it's not being worn; it looks like the knitted version of some strange deep sea jellyfish. (P.S.: I swear to God, the little string you see on the bottom left corner is NOT a loose end. I wove in the ends with nary a straggler. Swear.)

Here's a close-up of the color:

And here, for comparison, are two photos of roughly the same spot on the cardigan, the top one taken before blocking and the bottom one taken after

Manos del Uruguay might not illustrate it as well as some other, smoother yarns, but blocking certainly does make a difference. It smooths out the stitches and generally tames the finished piece.

Finally, the pathetic amount of spinning I've done in, like, two months:

A couple of days ago, I decided that I should devote at least 45 minutes a day to either knitting or spinning in order to get through my stash. My stash isn't that big, compared with others', but relative to the amount of time I work on reducing it, it's pretty hefty. I did spin the other night, much to my own surprise. And last night I spent two hours at Toronto's Knit Cafe, a delightfully warm and welcoming little store on Queen West. So I guess I'm sort of keeping my promise to myself, but I definitely need to devote more time to the old spinning wheel. God I'm like 90 years old.


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