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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Bitching about stitching

I went to a stitch n bitch at a local yarn store tonight with Lorien and Stephanie. Lorien and I were late, as usual, much to Stephanie's dismay. She was about to leave when we finally showed up.

The three of us sat around the table with maybe 7 or 8 other women of a range of ages. Two women brought their kids. I don't mind children as long as they're reasonably well-behaved; more often, it's the parents or child-loving adults (usually women) that I have problems with. This time, the parents were fine.

However, the conversation turned to one of the kids' experience at Build-a-Bear. For those of you not in the know, Build-a-Bear is this horrendous store that allows you to "make" your own teddy bear or cat or other cloyingly cute stuffed animal, and is usually stuffed to the gills with giddy, screaming children (girls, almost every one) and worse, single women who have some kind of weird obsession with teddy bears. But it's not as if you are sewing the clothes for the bear, or whatever. You pick these clothes from a bin. The outfits are all insipid. Like, who wants a teddy bear that looks like a schoolgirl? I suppose, if a child wants a teddy bear that looks like a schoolgirl, that's fine, since children are supposed to have bad taste in everything. But adult women? Clearly single adult women? Clearly single adult women whose behavior will ensure that they are forever single? The whole place smacks of desperation and I avoid Build-a-Bear the way I avoid Toys-R-Us.

Anyway, this one woman was chattering on and on about how she just loves Build-a-Bear and awwww isn't it so cute that the little girl made a cat named Kelly or Kissy or some other stupid name that begins with a K. Ugh. I seriously can't stand grown women who talk to children like that. The girl must have been four, clearly old enough to have a conversation with someone that goes beyond awwww and aren't you adorable.

After about half an hour, Lorien and Stephanie and I hightailed it out of there and went to Trinity Bellwoods Park, where we had our own little knitting circle on the grass. So much better.


  • PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE stay on birth control and if you ever do get pregers and you have the kid just ship it to me. I'll send it back when it's 10 or maybe 12. Don't worry you can visit.

    By Blogger Aundra, at 2:24 AM  

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