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Saturday, June 24, 2006

L is for librarian

Today (June 23; I wrote this from the hotel last night but posting it at the convention today) I helped the people at the Public Programs Office set up the booth. I did random tasks and errands.

To solve the problem of the instruction to bring business casual attire that I ignored, Lilly and I went to Magazine Street. Apparently, “magazine” means “shop” or similar in French. Them Frenchies are so clever with their words. And our adoption of their words is clever, too. I’m pretty sure that “croissant” translates to “crescent.” (Ask me how I figured that one out. Ok, fine, I’ll tell you—New Orleans’ city nickname is “The Crescent City.” There’s a breakfast cafe here called Croissant D’Or, and croissants are shaped like crescents. Yup, I’m a smartie.) Anyway, we had like no time to really search Magazine Street cause we were meeting Lilly’s friends at Emeril’s for dinner at 7.

Bead trees on Magazine:

I was looking for a skirt (the pants search is usually ridiculously difficult and fruitless, since my body proportions are obnoxiously non-conformist). After looking through one store that seemed only to contain some very strange ideas of trendy (really ugly crochet, anyone?) and trying on three skirts the fit of which I can only describe as “retarded,” I finally found a semi-decent button-down shirt that will have to suffice as my nod to the business casual world. Something tells me I’m not cut out to work in a real, proper business.

Anyway, we had dinner at Emeril’s, which was a very nice experience.

The food was good—I had the gumbo of the day with homemade andouille sausage (we’re not going to consider the ingredients of that one) and a delicious tomato-mozzarella salad, the world’s priciest lemon drop martini, and a piece of stinky but fabulous sheep’s-milk cheese for dessert.


  • Okay Tasha finally checked out your blog. This is my first blog post ever--whoo hoo. Thanks for proving we are not all as photogenic as you. Jerk! J/K.

    Hey if you can be a liberal (non-militant) vegetarian in the conservative cattle can make it ANYWHERE! Alright, that's as optimistic as I get.

    "NOLA" was ton-o-fun. I'm so glad they kept the conference there. Librarians rock!

    ~ Lilly
    (who in real life is a tan 6ft blonde who loves the camera, really:)

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:31 PM  

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