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Friday, May 26, 2006

Fiber update

I brought only a couple of knitting projects with me to Turkey: a pair of socks that I'd been working on, and the yarn to make socks for my mom. Why socks? They don't require much yarn and your basic sock can be worked anywhere without too much trouble. I ended up getting 3 socks out of one ball of yarn, and gave the matching pair to my dad. (Mainly because I'd forgotten his Christmas socks at home, but that's another matter entirely.)

In Turkey, all of the women knit. The old(er) women, that is. I have no idea if the younger ones are being taught to knit or not; but everywhere I went, the old women in their headscarves were silently turning out a piece of knitwork. In Assoss, the path to the temple to Athena is lined with merchants selling their wares. Many of them are women selling handknit socks. On the way up, I didn't stop at any of the stalls because nothing really appealed to me--a lot of the socks featured fun fur, a trend I hope dies a brutal death; and the somewhat sour faces of the vendors didn't make me want to approach them. On the way back, however, I saw at one stall a woman cheerfully knitting away at a sock, so I stopped to talk to her. Using my very, very limited Turkish, I asked her if she knitted all of the socks for sale (on our flight to Istanbul, I stopped the Turkish flight attendant to get the words for yarn, knit, and wool). She said that her grandmother did, and explained that they raised sheep, spun their wool, and knitted the socks. (For "sheep," she placed her hand flat, parallel with the ground at about sheep-height and said, "Baa." So cute!) I had to buy a pair, thinking that despite their coarseness, they would be handy for cold winter nights and could be worn over another pair of socks.

I've definitely come back from Turkey with renewed enthusiasm for knitting and spinning. Right now, I'm knitting the Hot Lava cardigan--I am on the second sleeve of the shrug. Pictures sometime this weekend. I'm also working on spinning some really beautiful blue-green fiber from my favorite, Grafton Fibers. I plan on making one of the singles scarves featured in Spin-Off. Again, pictures this weekend.


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