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Monday, May 01, 2006

Because I need another project like I need another hole in my head...

...I decided to start knitting the Hot Lava cardigan in Manos del Uruguay 110 Stellar. It's knit in the round from cuff to cuff, using the magic loop technique (love). Here's the beginning of the first sleeve and a close-up of the yarn:

I had the requisite 4 skeins from a project I never completed. Actually, I think I have like 8 skeins but they're not all Stellar. I've been looking for something to do with this yarn for a long time. I was going to make felted slippers but I like the cardigan a lot more.

Over the weekend, I turned the heel of my sock!

I am seriously in love with the magic loop. For this sock, I don't have to pick up stupid heel flap stitches or graft the toe, both of which I find annoying. However, I can see how knitting socks from the toe up wouldn't work all the time, like if you wanted to use a stitch pattern or something, so I'm not completely renouncing dpn-style sock knitting. Still though, magic loop rocks!

My "garden" is growing pretty well. Here's a shot of my luscious basil, looking happy and healthy. It smells like basil now!

Sadly, though, I think my plants may have sunburn. I left my beans out all day today and when I got home from work they had whitish leaves, and I noticed that a couple of my other plants look similar. So, no long hours in the sun tomorrow!

I went for a walk in my neighborhood last night after dinner and realized yet again how beautiful it is. There are big trees lining the streets and they're starting to grow leaves. Everything is that brilliant, spring-y shade of green, and lots of people have bulb flowers blooming in their front yards. There are so many tulips and daffodils and lots of things I can't name. The magnolias are blooming! The big tree by our deck is starting to bloom, too, and there's nothing lovelier than a tree in bloom, so I'll leave you with one last picture while I go for an evening stroll:


  • The yarn you're using for your shug is so pretty. I'm pretty sure I'm going to be jealous when you're finished.

    By Anonymous Lorien, at 9:19 PM  

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