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Friday, April 07, 2006

What I've been doing instead of homework:

Growing things:

That, my friends, is a sprout. The first of many, I presume (and by "presume" I mean "hope").

Attending the Ryerson fashion show, Mass Exodus, because my roommate was a model in it:

My "date" for the evening, Lorien's boyfriend, being charming as usual.

Note: Just because Lorien was in it doesn't mean that I have pictures of her. Part of the reason is that Dave and I were in the balcony and it was difficult to get good shots (obviously), and the other part of the reason is that most of the time I couldn't tell if it was her or not. At one point, I exlaimed, "Oh, there she is," and then Dave pointed out that it was only her if she had gained a lot of weight, cause I was looking at a collection for plus-size women. Lorien is thin like a bird, or a gazelle, or maybe a spider (really long legs and arms; you should see her doing those bicycle kick sit-up things, it's hilarious), and couldn't be plus-sized if she tried. So my powers of picking her out of a crowd are clearly not very strong.

My impression of the fashion show, cause you asked for it: as with most things student-produced, it was hit and miss (or is it hit or miss? I'm never sure.). Some of the collections were beautiful and creative and inspired, and some of them were so ready-to-wear that I would have bought them then and there if I could have. Others were a bit too creative--think those crazy couture collections you see on the Style channel that you would never, ever, wear. There were quite a few S&M, dominatrix, plastic-and-pleather-and-super-tall-black-boots collections, which were fun but I can't really take seriously. (Dave, on the other hand, LOVED them.) The menswear collections were kind of lame. I don't understand why street clothes designed for guys have to be so ill-fitting and pseudo-gangsta. Designer menswear should be limited to either metrosexual street styles or formal attire, cause guys really don't look very good in sloppy, baggy clothes. There was one collection of very frilly dresses designed for and modeled by little girls. Very cute; the audience loved it. There were a surprising number of bridal collections (I wasn't expecting it for some reason), which were ok. I guess since I'm not even remotely thinking about weddings it's kind of hard to get into wedding gowns. Overall, it was a cool show and I'm really glad I went. I'm very proud of Lorien for looking awesome and for not tripping in those goddamn shoes!

PS--There were so many cool fashionista girls at the show last night. Although honestly, most of them were wearing too much makeup and practically identical outfits. That said, if I were a guy I would totally attend Ryerson cause some of those girls were smokin'. And there was one beautiful guy but clearly, he was gay.


  • Thankyou for coming to the show Tasha. Unfortunately, none of those pictures are of me but oh well. There will be pictures on the internet in a few days and I had better find some of me!
    In other news, it is amazing that your seeds have begun to sprout so quickly. It is like a spring time miracle! I think you have the touch (and the breath).

    By Anonymous Lorien, at 12:50 AM  

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