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Monday, April 10, 2006

We interrupt the regularly scheduled programming...

...To bring you a guest blog, written and performed by Lorien, The Best Roommate Ever. (Your regular commentator is in the process of finishing a bazillion papers. Please do not interrupt her until Thursday, at which time feel free to buy her many, many drinks.)

While Tasha is writing her many papers (I think she will have written between 37 and 47 pages total by Thursday) I will tell you about my latest knitting projects.
I am pleased to announce that I have finished my VERY FIRST knit garment and I am extremely proud of myself.

The pattern is called Ubernatural and despite a few pattern errors that caused much frustration and Googling, it was lots of fun and knit up really fast (large needles and double stranded yarn).

I love the buttons so here is a picture of them.

I made a few changes such as reducing the crazy number of buttons and lengthening the arms but otherwise it's pretty similar. I know this sounds corny, but I learn new things with every new project and it's always so exciting. I'm starting to understand the knitting process better and so I can make small modifications to my projects/patterns without ruining them. I would also like to thank my living knitting reference in the room next door without whom everything would be so much harder (although if I hadn't met her, it is very unlikely that I would be knitting at all). I shall now wear my sweater everywhere!

Riding the wave of my knitting high, I am starting another project with beautiful, expensive Malabrigo yarn (they have the most beautiful colours!) and I am now broke. But I love this love love it. Ah, lime and blue. Like limes composting in the ocean. I am knitting a pair of slippers for my boyfriend Dave and so am trying my hand at much success.

These two swatches were the same size before felting! It is so much fun to watch the wool felt so magic...I have been carrying the felted swatch around with me all morning so I can look at it all the time and feel pleased with myself. So, now I am off to buy needles for the project.
And so, here ends my guest blog. It was fun, exciting, and frustrating but I think I may be addicted. Hmmm...


  • that sweater looks awesome.

    as a witness to the some of the frustration of the pattern (well, yes, most of my attention was focused on jurassic park), i am so amazed that you stuck with it and that it turned out so...well? suddenly i need a thesaurus.

    and uh, how do you felt?

    (you have to explain things very simply for me...)

    By Blogger al, at 4:50 PM  

  • Thankyou Alli! Yes, very frustrating...I really don't remember any of Jurassic Park from that evening even though I sat through I and II.
    You felt things by putting them in hot, slightly soapy water and agitating them. You can put them in the washing machine or you can rub the fibres by hand (which I did). The hot water and the rubbing action makes the fibres of the wool pull together tightly. I think felting can only be done to animal fibres. It is TONS of fun.

    By Anonymous Lorien, at 5:15 PM  

  • Last night while Lorien was felting the swatch, she was asking me if she should felt it in the washing machine or by hand. I said that since the Malabrigo pretty much felts itself, she could do it by hand. I heard water being splashed around in the bathroom for a while, and then she came out and said that it wasn't really working. That was pretty surprising, as the yarn had been trying to felt just by being handled. I went into the bathroom and she was kneeling by the bathtub, swishing the water around without touching the swatch, trying to "agitate it like a washing machine" (her words).

    It was pretty funny.

    By Blogger Tasha, at 6:13 PM  

  • well, i am constantly amazed and impressed with you two.

    can't wait to see all the works in progress in person!

    By Blogger al, at 10:21 PM  

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