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Saturday, March 11, 2006

Progress report

I've somehow found time in my busy schedule to knit and spin, and here are the results:

86 rows on my sweater

My latest Corriedale:

I know that the quality of the last two pictures isn't that great, but it's really annoying cause I can't seem to get the color of the wool right. No matter what conditions I take the pictures in, it always comes out looking more silvery than it is. The reason that I chose to post a couple of less-than-sharp-focus pictures is that I thought the color looked the most accurate of the dozen pictures that I took. I guess I don't take digital photography very seriously. I am a decent black-and-white fine art photographer and I use a medium format SLR camera--but I use it for my "real" photography. Digital just isn't real to me. I love having a digital camera but mainly because it's convenient, not because I think that the quality of the photos in any way rivals that of film photography. Plus, I love the b/w printing process so much that I'm pretty sure I'll never feel the same way about sitting in front of a computer pushing buttons. Sorry to be a traitor to the digital revolution (and I know it's ridiculous that I'm using my blog as a soapbox for it) but that's how it is.

In other news, my friends and I went to the ROM (Royal Ontario Museum) yesterday evening cause it was free. I have to say, free museums are the best. I tend to get exhausted by the information and sensory overload of museums, so it was nice to just look at a couple of exhibits and leave. Having never been to the ROM before the construction began, I don't know how it used to be, but I take it the exhibits were much more extensive. As it is, their displays did seem a bit anemic, though I did like the Evolution of Style. It was really cool--they set up rooms, I guess they would be the equivalent of our living rooms, or whatever room people use to entertain guests, reflecting decorative and furniture style from the medieval era to the modern era. The baroque one was hilarious and way over the top. I definitely liked the rococo style--well, i guess I liked everything from baroque to the modern period, but skipping victoriana. Charles Rennie Mackintosh was represented, which was awesome. He's like the son of Glasgow--he was an artist and designer in Glasgow around the turn of the 19th century (or is it 20th--whenever the 1800s became the 1900s) and Glasgow loves him. As Erin would say, Mackintosh pretty much designed the font of Glasgow. He designed the University of Glasgow School of Art, which is beautiful and awesome. The university owns the Charles Rennie Mackintosh house, which they turned into a museum, and while I was studying there I went and visited it. Anyway, it was cool to see Scotland represented here in Toronto.


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