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Thursday, March 23, 2006


To: the peanut butter and jelly sandwich I had for lunch
From: me

PBJ, I often rely on you to provide me with the sustenance I deny myself by frequently being too lazy to cook. Normally, you come through for me and sometimes you’re even tasty. Not so today, however. If there was ever a day when I needed a lunchtime pick-me-up, today was that day. Unfortunately, instead of my usual fun bread—with sunflower or flax seeds or some other hippie shit—yummy, creamy Maranatha peanut butter and sweet berrylicious jelly, I got stale boring wheat bread, dry PB and—well, ok, the jelly was fine. I’m actually angry at the bread the most. How could you go stale on me in two days? (I HATE Dominion.) Yes, I should’ve just cooked dinner last night so I would have had leftovers today, but I got invited to a pizza party. And maybe I opened a bottle of wine. And maybe America’s Next Top Model was on. But still. PBJ, you can’t let me down like this again, or I will have to remove you from my lunchtime rotation. I don’t think either of us wants that.



  • Right the day you remove ME, PB&J from your meal rotation will be the day.... the day.... well lets just say it's not going to happen! Next time keep your hippy bread in the fridge and twist it up tight.

    By Anonymous PB&J, at 8:43 PM  

  • the hippie bread stays softer when i don't refrigerate it, it's that damn whole wheat crap. cute pix of you, emily and steve.

    By Blogger Tasha, at 10:03 PM  

  • My ancient grains bread from Dominion is still fresh. You should always stick with the hippie shit. I LOVE ancient grains bread (the one thing that Loblaws is lacking...)

    By Anonymous Lorien, at 11:01 PM  

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