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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Unfortunately, this post contains no knitting content. (For those of you wondering why I make a big deal about including knitting, I have joined a knitting blog ring and therefore should--and by "should" I mean "must"--post come knitting content.) I promise that when I get a chance to work on my sweater I'll write about that, even though the sweater is still very much in the design stage.

No, this post is about my life as a grad student. As most of you know, I am studying archives at the Faculty of Information Studies. Most of my classes require me to write papers and take tests. I'm fine with writing papers; I didn't choose to major in English as an undergrad cause I hated writing. But sometimes I have a hard time understanding how writing a paper is going to make me a good archivist. (This is along the same lines as my other realization of late--if one is not planning on getting a Ph D, and one is in a professional master's program, how much do one's grades really matter?) For one of my classes I have to do an actual arrangement and description project at an archive, in my case the Railway YMCAs in Canada. I'm really into photography, and there are tons of photos in this fonds (archives term) which is cool. I spent a few hours today and a few hours on Tuesday going through the boxes and trying to figure out how the records should be arranged. This is a project that I can really get into, because not only is it interesting, it's also applicable to my career--I'll actually be doing this for a living. Anyway, I'm so much more into it than I am writing papers at the moment.


  • Dude, I took that test and it told me i was an American Girl. ME!!! I don't know how i feel about that test. Well, as BAD :p of a friend as i am, i'm glad you found a way to still to photos, knitting, and sewing, though i don't know if I'd call you an Arty Kid, more of Crafty... like the beasty boy song. "She's Crafty!"

    By Anonymous Aundra, at 12:37 AM  

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