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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

The Shoe Package finally arrives

No knitting post today. Well, maybe later today, as in what will be tomorrow when I wake up in the morning.

So. I got a package of sneakers in the mail the other day. Sneakers, you say. How could that be interesting and/or exciting? Well, let me tell you. When you have been walking around for years (years!) in sneakers that are one size too small and you only just now realized that and that your feet have been hurting cause your shoes were too tight, then you will consider sneakers to be a wonderful and exciting arrival. And, too, when you have been shopping at the insane Red, White, and Blue thrift store in Miami (a dangerous adventure, that) and you have seen brand! new! Roos! And your mom wouldn't buy them for you cause they were too expensive (if you try to sell the woman a book for a quarter, she'll offer you a dime and not a penny more--it sounds obnoxious but she's Queen of the Bargain which often works in my favor) and you didn't want to buy them yourself, and then when your mom goes back to the store and buys them for half off (when you've already returned to university)--then, and only then, friend, will you understand the greatness of The Shoe Package:

Ah yes. The Shoe Package. (Contains beat-up scuffed running shoes and grandpa shoes too, but that's neither here nor there.)

And! The Shoe Package also contained the new issue of Bust, which is my favorite magazine. Debbie Stoller of Stitch n Bitch fame is the editor and it's all about being female and being fabulous but not in a Cosmo-whore/Mall of America way. It's about DIY and knitting, all-girl bands, healthy sexuality, clothes that real women would and could actually wear, and the great thing is that it's not anti-men. Cause I'm certainly not anti-men and I don't see why I have to be in order to be considered a feminist.


  • are the news shoes the ones on the right?

    also, if say you happen to bring this magazine to work with you tonight, perhaps i could read it when i am avoiding working on my reseach methods paper?

    By Blogger al, at 2:53 PM  

  • You are such a hot bargain bitch with those shoes and that hair!

    Thanks for making my night last night....not in THAT way you pervert.


    Love you and miss you!


    ps. click on my name. Too bad the website doesn't actually exist.

    By Anonymous Ninon, at 8:14 PM  

  • Ninon is currently my favorite friend, pretty much because she recognizes that I am truly a hot bitch.

    By Blogger Tasha, at 9:19 PM  

  • Hey now..I have always recognized you were a hot bitch!

    BTW, I was organizing all the crap in my files the other day, and I found that bday card you gave me with the guy holding his weiner in a hotdog bun!! It was hilarious! We had friends over and I even brought it out and passed it around. Good times. :)

    By Blogger Kristen, at 2:18 PM  

  • Ooh! Those Roos are hot! And you look adorable in your picture.

    I still haven't written the literature review for 1240 or whatever the heck that class is. This is killing me. SO BORING.

    Hope you're well!

    By Blogger Bela, at 6:12 PM  

  • This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    By Blogger Bela, at 6:12 PM  

  • dude i think 1240 is pretty much killing everyone tonight. i sympathize, bela. and i apologize for not emailing you back last week. i kept meaning to and kept not doing anything about it and... well, you know how it goes.

    By Blogger Tasha, at 7:32 PM  

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