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Thursday, January 26, 2006

This morning when I woke up, this is what the windows in my apartment looked like:

I love it when I wake up in the morning and see Jack Frost patterns on the windows with that shade of blue behind them. They can only mean one thing--sun. It might be damn cold outside, but at least it's sunny and blue and beautiful. And it was, all day it was gorgeous.

What's the deal with The OC?
I have a tendency to get way too caught up in prime-time soaps. I LOVED 90210, I had a thing for Melrose Place, I even watched Models, Inc. (a Melrose spin-off, if I remember correctly), and The Heights, not to mention Party of Five. Even at the tender age of 12, I loved the trashiness of those shows, I loved being able to escape into the intellectual void that is Southern California. Possibly because I don't read romance novels or thrillers, I allow myself the guilty pleasure of bad television.

So of course I watch The OC. I rented the complete first season and it was hot! Sex and scandals, and that's how I like my primetime. Now, I have to ask: What's the deal with The OC? Where did the sex go? Summer and Seth, Ryan and Marissa, Sandy and Kiersten, I'm talking to you. You're all attractive people in Southern California. Start doin' it already! Are we really going to have to leave it to Marissa's 15-year-old sister to provide us with the sex and scandals?


  • Tasha,
    I started watching re-runs of the OC last summer, partly because I love I love the actress playing Julie Cooper-Nichols and partly because of I love bad tv, but I just couldn't keep going. I don't know where the sex went, but I couldn't take one more minute of Mischa Barton. I'd rather watch paint dry. But now that American Idol is back on, I'm all set for bad tv.
    Did you live in Portland Maine or Oregon?
    I loved English Passengers too!

    By Blogger Autumn, at 11:05 PM  

  • Yeah, Mischa Barton is pretty annoying. But I love Seth. Like, I would have his children. And I hate children. Plus Sandy is pretty sexy for an old guy.

    I lived in Portland Oregon.

    I gave my dad a copy of English Passengers for Christmas, partly cause he's English and partly cause he's into sailing and ridiculously hilarious adventures on the high seas, and he loved it, which made me very happy. I am glad that someone else enjoyed it, too!

    By Blogger Tasha, at 11:13 PM  

  • Woman, I have to say I have never watched an episode of the OC. But I've heard it's a good one! Check out the bag I finished last weekend:

    By Blogger Kristen, at 5:12 PM  

  • Woman! That bag is so cute. What kind of yarn did you use?

    By Blogger Tasha, at 7:37 PM  

  • Thanks woman!! I just used Lion's Brand (now I know there are so many yarns that are much nicer..thank you Yarn Garden) worsted weight.
    I'm knitting another bag right now, and a sleeveless top from S&B with cotton cashmere. Ooh la la!

    By Blogger Kristen, at 12:23 PM  

  • Woman--cashmere! yum. so is that the little black tank top that you're making? if it is, i made that out of cotton (i HATE cotton) and it was a disaster. i had no idea how to seam it all up and it was totally wonky. i left it in miami when i moved, and my mom sent me a package full of things i had requested, and for some reason she threw the tank top in! that stupid thing is going to haunt me forever. but i can't throw it away cause i made it....
    yarn garden is a good store. it seemed like when i left portland there were a whole bunch of new yarn stores cropping up. i always used to go to northwest wools in multnomah village. they have spinning fibers there plus yarn.

    By Blogger Tasha, at 10:12 PM  

  • The top is from the first S&B..the one with the i-cord tie around it. I think it should be cute. It called for 100% cotton and I HATED working with it too! So I subbed with the cotton cashmere which is much much easier.
    I love that you have a blog! Yay!

    By Blogger Kristen, at 12:45 PM  

  • That's the same top that I made... and it's hideous. maybe i'll post pictures of it so you can see all of my fuck-ups--and believe me, there are many! You have to send me pictures when you complete yours. I should show you pix of the cardigan I made. But it lost a button so I can't wear it which makes me sad. But I can photograph it!

    By Blogger Tasha, at 7:40 PM  

  • Oh no! Yes you should send me some pictures. Is it just that there are a lot of mistakes, or did it just not look good once it was made? It looked good in the book! :)

    By Blogger Kristen, at 2:51 PM  

  • woman--i am pretty sure that it was me that fucked up, not the pattern. i've seen pix of other people's tank tops and theirs didn't look all wonky. i'll post pix tomorrow so you can see all of my horrible mistakes.

    By Blogger Tasha, at 10:26 PM  

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