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Friday, January 27, 2006

This damn green wool

This green wool is being a total pain. When I was in upstate New York for American Thanksgiving, my aunt and I went to a small shop that sold wool, and she picked some out for me to spin for her. I should have known by the price that maybe it wasn't the best quality.

It has little bits of stuff in it, little pieces of nature, and also small balls of uncombed fibers and it certainly doesn't make for the smoothest spinning experience. I really wanted to make it "perfect" for my aunt cause I think she rocks and I don't want to give her gross-looking yarn. But, alas. However, having imperfections in the wool makes me a lot less anal about trying to make the yarn even and smooth, so I guess it's a bit freeing.

No. It's still pretty annoying.

Anyway... It's so hard to find time to do the things that I really love to do. I have lots of schoolwork plus I have a job so my free time is limited. And I have these hobbies and interests that I haven't done in so long--I have several sewing projects in mind and I've barely finished cutting out the pattern pieces for one, let alone even thought about the others. I also do photography and I haven't been able to get to the campus darkroom since last semester. I do ok with finding time for reading and knitting and spinning, but just barely. Plus there are times when I just want to veg and watch tv and do nothing.


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